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Congratulations Beverley

Nov 17 2021
09:00 AM

An interview with Beverley Willan who recently completed her online course in Understanding Dementia at the University of Tasmania.

After her husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Beverley took it upon herself to look after him for many years, her doctor advised her that she could no longer do it alone. So, Beverley and her husband James found their home at Hope Aged Care Brunswick. Very quickly, whilst looking after James and keeping him company, Beverley would visit the other levels at the facility, and quickly took a liking and comfortability amongst the residents who have dementia. Beverley partook in activities with the Brunswick Lifestyle team, and quickly noticed how with sensory objects and tasks, the residents would light up, she wanted them to find their positivity. Juggling the thought of partaking in an online course, with suggestions from the Lifestyle team, Beverley agreed and partook in an online Understanding Dementia course at the University of Tasmania that ran over the course of three years.

With only a small population understanding how dementia works and functions, Beverley was motivated to learn more about the brain and its workings.

“Our body is an amazing structure.”

Beverley found it amazing that with the course teachings, she was able to pronounce words she never knew existed.

She found the most challenging parts of the course to be remembering each part of the brain, and how it functions, but nevertheless found it incredibly interesting as she learnt. Beverley found that the happiness from the residents and how she recognized their comfortability was what she took mostly out of the course and continues to notice.

Beverley continues to care for her husband alongside the staff at Hope Aged Care Brunswick, as well as taking time to interact, stimulate and comfort each resident with care.

What a marvelous achievement, well done Beverley.