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Life at Hope Aged Care

At each of our wonderful homes, we offer a vibrant and comfortable life for our residents. Some of our services include wonderful and tasty meals, fun activities and comfortable bus outings.


At Hope Aged Care, we offer a variety of different foods cooked by our fantastic chefs, catering to the many dietary requirements of our residents. At each Home, we strive for quantity and quality of our meals, and believe a healthy balance creates a healthy mind and body. We offer a range of different meal options inspired by different cultures, for example, Greek and Italian. With these options, we cater to what our residents are familiar with, and it helps them feel at home.


Bus Service

At Hope Aged Care, we are now in the possession of a travel bus, which allows our friendly lifestyle team to take residents on trips and drives to allow them to feel more flexible in their days. The bus is equipped with all necessary safety measures to ensure our residents are relaxed and comfortable.

Lifestyle and Activities

Our wonderful Lifestyle team at each Home work hard to ensure our residents are happy and loved, and helped with whatever task at hand. With many of the team being bilingual, residents who have English as their second language find it extremely helpful for their needs and wants to be understood.