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An Extraordinary Realization!

Sep 23 2021
13:47 PM

A touching story...

July 1971, The Royal Woman’s Hospital.

A final year medical student was approached by colleagues that told him of a woman about to give birth. She was speaking a language they could not understand, but luckily the student after entering the delivery room understood every word, for she was speaking Arabic. That student was no other than Professor Afif Hadj, Director of Hope Aged Care. Relief ran over the woman’s face, as Professor Hadj carefully and effortlessly delivered a healthy baby girl, all whilst reassuring the woman that she was doing well in her native tongue.

Tuesday the 21st of September 2021, a man is admitted to Hope Aged Care Brunswick, and staff and clinical care welcome him with open arms. His daughter knocks at Professor Hadj’s door, and she introduces herself as Rola Eid, she is excited to inform him that he had delivered her as a baby 50 years ago, in July 1971, and the woman who spoke only Arabic, was her mother. 

Quickly, Professor Hadj and Rola snapped a historic photo, for a story that will never be forgotten.